6 natural ways to boost your immune system

6 natural ways to boost your immune system

Here at the BONDI WASH HQ, we're doing all we can to boost our immunity and stay healthy during the winter. This week, we're sharing six simple and natural ways that can support your immune system.

1. Get plenty of rest

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important ways to keep your body and immune system strong. Sleep is your body's time to rest, recover and fight off any underlying infection or inflammation in the body.

If you're having trouble sleeping, some of the best tips we find can help include:

  • Physical exhaustion: Get a good workout in to tire your body out.
  • Guided meditation: A calming guided meditation can help give a busy mind something to focus on. Insight Timer or Calm have some great free guided sounds.
  • Evening routine: Create a calming bedtime ritual that signals your body that it's time to rest. Incorporate a soothing Essential Oil or a Mist Spray, warm tea and turn off devices thirty minutes before sleep. 

2. Nourish your body

A healthy body begins with a good diet - nearly 70% of your immune system is located in your gut.

Some of the best tips that nutritionists recommend:

  • Variety is key. To function well, your immune system requires an abundance of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The more variety and colour in your diet, the better - think colourful vegetables, leafy greens and herbs like parsley, coriander and thyme. We're enjoying warm broths, soups, and congee.
  • Cut down on sugar, processed foods and alcohol which lower your body's ability to fight inflammation.
  • Add fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut. These help to promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut.
  • Incorporate resistant starch to feed your microbiome - foods such as legumes, firm bananas, cooked and cooled potatoes, oats and other grains.
  • Increase your intake of spices and herbs such as turmeric and ginger, which are rich in phytochecmials and antioxidants. Belinda has shared a recipe for an Immunity Juice from her friend Mike - full of natural superfoods like turmeric, lemon, and ginger. We've been drinking shots of it in the office and it feels like it's helping to keep us healthy.

    3. Wash hands and sanitise regularly 

    It’s easy to overlook, but washing your hands regularly can really help to stop the spread of germs.

    We recommend keeping an antibacterial Hand Spray in your bag to easily sanitise your hands (when you don't have access to a tap and hand wash) and also spray your devices and surfaces throughout the day. 

    4. Increase your water intake

    Your lymphatic system plays a crucial role in immunity by transporting white blood cells throughout your body. Staying hydrated is essential because your body needs water to produce lymph fluid. Water also supports digestion and helps eliminate toxins.

    5. Incorporate a natural supplement

    Sometimes your body needs a little bit of extra help to stay well. If you're feeling rundown or suspect your diet might not be providing you with all the nutrients you need, taking supplements can help keep your body strong. Our team swears by the following:

    • Echinacea: a well-proven immune herb that leaves a tingling sensation on the tongue, evidence of its potency! A great one to take if you feel a cold coming on or to help reduce the severity of symptoms.
    • COLLAGEN by The Beauty Chef: a powerful elixir full of bio-fermented probiotics and wholefoods to support gut health, stimulate collagen production and improve digestion.
    • Schisandra Extract: a well-known herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support liver function, energy levels and offer a daily pick-me up. 
    • Armaforce: a cult-favourite for a reason, it contains a blend of powerful herbal extracts including Andrographis which is known to reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms.

    6. Immerse in cold water

    A physiological elixir for the mind... studies suggest that up to 10 minutes per week of cold water exposure can offer significant benefits for our overall health, including increasing levels of certain immune cells and reducing inflammation and stress levels.

    Beyond the physical benefits, the sublime shock of it releases endorphins, elevates mood and provides a wave of invigoration.

    Try turning your shower cold for the last 1-2 minutes a few times a week or if you're lucky enough to live near the ocean, nothing compares to a rejuvenating cold water plunge.


    Hero image: Bronte Pool, Morning Bondi
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