Why The Bench Spray Is Our Hero Product

Why The Bench Spray Is Our Hero Product

The Bench Spray is one of our most loved products.  It’s both a best seller plus the one product people I meet are likely to say ’Oh I love your products especially the Bench Spray’.

I’ve heard stories from men who love it to clean the BBQ, friends who’ve sprayed their baby’s bottom with it (not generally recommended though) and people who have got long-lived stains off their timber tables.

I created the first sample of the Bench Spray literally on my kitchen bench back in 2013. 

And it was my reaction (bad headache) to a commercial surface spray that prompted the concept of developing a natural alternative that wasn’t harming us or the environment.

Whilst the original concept of the Bench Spray was something to replace what I’d been using on the kitchen bench, it can be used in so many other ways.

Here are some of the ways my family use the Bench Spray:

  • To clean the kitchen bench, cook top and inside the oven
  • To clean kids’ toys
  • To clean the BBQ
  • To remove stains off clothes (I always try and get to a stain as fast as possible)
  • To clean furniture, including soft furnishings
  • To clean marks off the floor and walls
  • To clean outdoor furniture
  • To disinfect frequently touched surfaces like light switches and door handles (‘COVID-safing’ the home)
  • To clean bathroom surfaces (except the soap scum on glass – that needs more scouring)
  • To remove bicycle grease off my son’s legs

I’d love you to share your Bench Spray stories (


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