Soothing rashes on the hands

Soothing rashes on the hands

COVID-19 has seen an increase in hygiene practices including hand washing.  Frequent washing with chemical based products and sanitisers can often lead to dryness, skin irritation and in some cases rashes, dermatitis or eczema.  Unfortunately, those with sensitive skin can often experience dryness or irritation regardless of the frequency of washing.  

Our Hand Lotion and Hand Cream have been made specifically with sensitive skin in mind, formulated with a combination of essential oils that are beautifully fragrant but also gentle and soothing.  The active ingredient in our lotions is Australian super-plant lilly pilly which is incredibly nourishing for the skin due to its high concentration of vitamin C and anthocyanins - known for their prevention of premature ageing from sun exposure.  

We often recommend to those who suffer from rashes and itchy uncomfortable skin to apply our Baby Balm formulated with Australian blue cypress, zinc oxide and emu apple extract - all of which are highly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial to help reduce rashes and eczema.  Indeed our Operations Manager, Katie Weir, has a daughter Eliza who suffers badly from eczema - with the Baby Balm her favourite treatment when flare ups occur.