Purpose of scents for different products

Purpose of scents for different products

You may have noticed that some of our products are only available in one scent such as the baby range available in Blue Cypress and Petitgrain, dog range available in Paperbark and Lemongrass and our Purifying Night Balm and Lip Balm in Buddha Wood and Blackcurrant. In addition to smelling great, these scents also have a particular purpose for the ranges they’ve been selected for.

Blue Cypress which is found in the baby range is a native Australian tree which is an incredible azure colour in essential oil form. It is found along the northern Australian coast and was used by indigenous Australians for it’s medicinal and healing properties. It was also used as a face and body cleanser and moisturiser, due to its’ anti-inflammatory qualities. As it is naturally high in sesquiterpines which are anti-inflammatory and soothing for skin, Blue Cypress seemed like a good choice for products such as the baby balm which can be used for nappy rash and skin irritation. As well as Blue Cypress, the baby range contains Petitgrain essential oil. Petitgrain is a known relaxant and is calming for the nervous system. The reason it is so effective as a relaxant is because it contains linalool, one of the compounds also found in lavender essential oil. As it is naturally grounding, Petitgrain makes a great addition to the baby range to help promote relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Australian Paperbark which is found in our dog range is naturally antiseptic and antibacterial. It is a member of the myrtle family and native to the east coast of Australia. A major component of Paperbark essential oil is 1,8 cineole which is commonly found in eucalyptus trees. Powerful and effective at killing bacteria, we thought it would be a good choice for our dog range, as we needed something naturally effective to clean those dirty coats! Alongside Paperbark is Lemongrass which has a beautiful citrus based scent. The main component of Lemongrass is lemonal or citral which is a potent anti-fungal and anti-microbial compound. Aside from the beautiful smell, lemongrass makes a great addition to the dog range to aid in effective cleaning and deodorising of coats and bedding.

Our Purifying Night Balm and Lip Balm are both scented by our Buddha Wood and Blackcurrant essential oil. The reason for this choice lies in their antioxidant and antibacterial properties which help to protect and nourish the skin. Buddha Wood is native to Australia and sometimes called Australian Desert Rose. It has a rich, woody scent and is naturally antibacterial, often used by Aboriginal communities to clean and treat wounds. For this reason it works well in the Night Balm as it helps to clean and refine pores and purify the skin. Blackcurrant is a potent antioxidant and has anti-ageing properties. Antioxidants give the skin a much needed boost and help it to naturally protect itself from free radicals. Paired together, Buddha Wood and Blackcurrant make a great fit for purifying and protecting the skin.

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