Emu Apple

Emu Apple

We all know that berries are amazing for our skin, yet it is little known that some of the most potent, antioxidant filled berries actually come from our own backyard. Australian botanicals are gaining the spotlight in the beauty industry due to their incredibly potent properties. Emu apple, otherwise known as muntries or native cranberries are one of these botanicals earning the spotlight. While it might sound like they’re related to the common household apple, emu apple is actually closer to a berry. They are a low growing shrub with hairy stems that produce small green berries tinged with red, often described as having the flavour of a spicy apple, hence the name. Indigenous Australians have used emu Apple therapeutically for generations to provide essential nutrients and antioxidants in the form of bush tucker as well as heal wounds and nourish the skin. Its vitamin C level has been measured at 4 times the level of blueberries.  The berry was held in such high regard that it was actually traded among tribes.

Emu apple is rich in anthocyanins which is potent antioxidant commonly found in plants that have a red, purple, blue or black pigment. Anthocyanins have been the subject of many studies which have found a correlation between use of the antioxidant and protection from free radical damage to the skin. Aside from being full of antioxidants and vitamin C, emu apple is rich in nourishing wax which covers the fruit. This wax has been found to have humectant properties; that is, it retains and preserves moisture. This is incredibly beneficial for the skin as there is research that shows that hydrated skin resists the effects of ageing and is naturally more protective against damaging UVB rays.

Products that contain ingredients sourced from native Australian botanicals are gaining worldwide recognition for their potency and amazing potential to nourish the skin. Shopping local has never looked so good!  Find emu apple in our gentle Baby Range.