Australian Threatened Species: The Black Flanked Rock Wallaby

Australian Threatened Species: The Black Flanked Rock Wallaby

The black flanked rock wallaby is an incredibly small marsupial, growing up to 50cm in height.  As its name suggests, the rock wallaby takes refuge among rocky outcrops and caves in Central and Western Australia - nimble due to the textured pads on its hind feet.  

The blank flanked wallaby is an incredibly shy and silent creature, communicating via a complex array of behaviours and chemical signals.  It emerges only at dusk and feeds on grass, leaves, bark and fruits.

The wallaby’s numbers are declining as their survival is dependent on rocky refuges that have either been cleared for farming or are under threat from introduced predators such as foxes and cats.

We actively support WWF in their efforts to protect the Black Flanked Rock Wallaby by working with Nyikina Mangala Rangers to give the wallaby a greater chance of survival in the Grant, Edgar, and Erskine ranges in Western Australia.

Australian Rock Wallaby