Why our products vary

Why our products vary

As some of you may have noticed, our products can vary depending on the batch.  Sometimes they are a different colour, sometimes they are cloudy, have little white specks in them or smell slightly different. 

A natural function of clean ingredients is that they are entirely unique.  As it is in nature, no two products will be entirely identical.  Our products contain 99+%-100% natural ingredients which means that variations will occur.  For example, one of our batches of Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin Hand Wash arrived in store a completely different colour.  Normally, the colour of that particular scent is a pale orange, yet this time, the batch was a dark orange.  Just to be sure, we contacted the manufacturer and were assured that it was completely normal and just the way the particular batch of essential oil was interacting with the natural ingredients. 

Another occurrence we’ve had are little white flecks present in some batches of our popular Bench Spray.  While this may appear unusual, it is in fact just the result of a normal process called flocculation which is when fine particles clump together as a result of natural chemical reactions between ingredients. 

Occasionally, batches of our washes can be cloudy.  While this is normal, we still get a few questions about it from customers.  The reason for the cloudiness is often a result of the level of natural surfactant in the batch.  As they are derived from nature, batches of the raw ingredients can be different which means that cloudiness can vary and also change over time. 

The scent itself of our products will also vary.  Customers might not notice the difference, but by their very nature, different batches of our essential oil blends will always be different.  The scent that will result from this process can vary depending on the season, soil or crop of plants that are harvested.  The scent can also vary over time - natural oils do change unlike synthetic fragrance which is a constant.

We find beauty in the variations of our products.  Sourcing high quality natural ingredients to create formulations that are both gentle and effective is a key component of our brand.