Top 5 products to shift to natural

Top 5 products to shift to natural

We often get asked which products to choose natural and why.  In short, any product that is frequently used throughout the day should be as natural as possible to avoid toxic exposure.  Products such as chemical household cleaners, body lotion, hand wash and shampoo are frequently used - often multiple times a day.  Commercial versions of these products can often contain nasty chemicals and the higher the use, the greater the impact that these chemicals can have on the human body and environment.  If you are looking to make the shift to more natural products for your home or personal care, we recommend the below 5 natural options. 

1. Multipurpose spray.  We often use a multipurpose spray for kitchen and bathroom cleaning with high frequency.  It's important to find a natural formulation that is gentle, safe to use around food preparation areas, babies, children and pets.  

2. Body Lotion.  A number of endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens can be found in commercial body lotions.  When applying daily to the skin you're exposing yourself to these nasty ingredients that are linked to a number of health issues.

3. Hand Wash.  The same applies to hand wash and body wash, high frequency use can lead to toxic buildup and these chemical-laden washes are often also linked to skin irritation and eczema.

4. Shampoo.  Hair care products often contain sulphates, silicones, parabens and phthalates which are not only damaging to the hair and skin but are also linked to a myriad of health concerns including cancer.

5. Dish Wash.  Detergents can often contain a number of chemicals and residue from these chemicals on dishes can be washed down the drain everyday - causing disruption to our waterways, killing our aquatic life. 

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