The art of spring cleaning

The art of spring cleaning

Our founder, Belinda has recently spoken with Vogue on how to master the art of spring cleaning (and make it fun!).  You can view the full article here.

"The point of spring cleaning is to freshen those areas that are not part of your regular cleaning.

Firstly, the tops of cupboards and under beds are always great to include in a spring clean – but devoting attention to those areas you see daily like light fittings, pantries, inside the kitchen cupboards, and washing walls and windows will bring great daily satisfaction.

Make the spring clean also a purge. It doesn’t have to be Marie Kondo level but use the opportunity to go through cupboards and either toss anything past its use by date or donate to those in need.

To make it slightly more fun, make it a household task – even little kids can have a role."  

We have created a simple checklist below for a therapeutic spring clean: