Native Drinking: Davidson Fizz

Native Drinking: Davidson Fizz

We share a refreshing native cocktail recipe from North Bondi Fish. A bubbly and sweet drink featuring tart Davidson plums.


Glassware: Stemless flute

20ml Bombay Sapphire

20ml Cartron Apricot Brandy

45ml Davidson Plum Puree

60ml Soda Water

1x egg white


Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker together, perform a dry shake (no ice) until foamed, then wet shake (with ice) until at desired temperature.

Double or fine strain the cocktail into the stemless flute, then add soda water.

Garnish with a sprinkle of plum powder on side of glass.

For the Davidson Plum Puree:

Take 1kg of Davidson plums and add 100ml of water and stew. Whilst the plums soften, take out the stones from the centre of the plum.

When completely soft, blend with a bar blender until smooth.

Take the weight of the blended plum mix and add 1/3 of its weight in honey and lemon juice. For example if it weighs 600g, add 200g of lemon juice and 200g of honey.

Davidson Fizz