There has been somewhat of a resurgence in the Australian gin industry with boutique distillers storming the world market, scooping awards by the handful.  Many now incorporate indigenous botanicals such as Finger Limes, Lemon Mrytle and Lemon-Scented Gum, adding unique and refreshing flavour notes that international brands simply can't replicate.  

Archie Rose Lemon Scented Gum Gin Harvest 2021
Produced by Australia's most highly-awarded distillery, this gin boasts all the flavours of a fun summer holiday.  Featuring aromatic lemon-scented gum grown at Bunyip Hollow in Victoria and underpinned by emerald green finger lime, juniper, coriander seed and orris root, this is one to get the tastebuds jumping. 

Adelaide Dry Gin by 23rd Street Distillery
One in a series of gins produced under the Native Gins label, this spicy blend by South Australian distillers, 23rd Street, includes Cinnamon Myrtle, Tasmanian Pepper Berry and native Finger Lime. 

Giniversity Australian Native Gin
The earthy-flavoured native emu plum plays hero in this gin by Western Australian distillers, Giniversity.  Matched with the lemongrass notes of Geraldton Wax and some citrus highlights from Lemon Mrytle, this is a drink to enjoy mixed with a good quality tonic.

Taka Gin Co Native Fusion Gin
This First Nations owned label based in Victoria, includes flavour bombs such as Finger Lime, native Lemongrass, native Lemon-Scented Gum Leaf and Desert Limes.  Enjoy this gin neat over ice or mixed with lime juice, sugar syrup,  thyme, soda and ice to make a refreshing cocktail.

KIS Wild Gin
Created on the pristine Kangaroo Island in South Australia, Wild Gin is distilled using 'Boobialla’, Kangaroo Island native Juniper, then matched with local pink peppercorns and handpicked mint.  Try it mixed with a dash of brown lime cordial, lime juice and ice for a neat little cocktail.

Poor Tom's Sydney Dry Gin
With a base of classic juniper and fresh green apple, the Sydney Dry Gin is complemented with native Strawberry Gum Leaf adding to the fresh, light and floral notes that team perfectly with fresh strawberry.

Lark Distillery Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey Gin
Produced by the first certified carbon-neutral distillery in Australia, the Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey gin has no net negative impact on the climate.  Featuring highlights of rooibos tea and Tasmanian bush honey, this multi-layered gin includes notes of juniper, caramel and peppery heat. 

West Winds Gin Cutlass
From the Margaret River in Western Australia, traditional Juniper is paired with Cinnamon Myrtle and Native Australian Bush Tomato creating a savoury profile for this aromatic gin.  Enjoy it with tonic and ice, garnished with green capsicum or a cherry tomato for a unique and heady take on the classic G&T. 




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