Value for money

This might seem an odd title for a Bondi Wash post, but we try very hard at Bondi Wash to provide value in all our products. Our products are certainly not the cheapest on the market; and the oils and natural ingredients in our products are more expensive. But we try very hard to design products that are concentrated and dispense less so will last as long as possible.

Here are some examples:

  • Our Bench Spray will give you 2,000 sprays versus the standard 500 for a 500ml multi-purpose spray – 4 times longer.
  • Our Hand Wash and Body Wash dispense 1ml so will give you 500 pumps, versus the standard 2ml giving you 250 pumps – 2 times longer.
  • Our Floor Wash only requires a capful – the 500ml bottle will last 80 buckets.
  • The Mist Spray gives 0.12ml per spray – the 150ml bottle will last over 1,200 sprays.
  • Our Soap Bars are triple-milled which means it will not go mushy, will last longer and the scent will last right through to the end.
  • Our anti-bacterial Hand Spray (coming soon) will give you 400 Sprays – so up to 200 uses – versus 20 uses for a standard Hand Sanitiser gel – 20 times longer.