At BONDI WASH we believe that caring for nature and our planet is not only better for our health but a necessary and important responsibility to protect the future of our beautiful home.

We care deeply about the impact our products and ingredients have on the environment and are always looking for ways to improve our footprint.  Below are a few of our current sustainability and environmental practices, but feel free to contact us with new suggestions.

Natural products

All of our products are 99 - 100% naturally derived. This is unusual even within the natural product space. There really is nothing nasty in the bottles - the only non-natural ingredients are food grade preservatives to help keep the products shelf-stable. The range creates no downstream environmental damage and is greywater and septic safe.

Ingredient sourcing

We do a lot of research into ingredients.  We choose the most natural and high quality ingredients for our products – even if they are more expensive.  We are also very careful to ensure that all our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced and avoid ingredients we know can cause environmental damage in their production such as rosewood or palm oil.

Recyclable packaging

All of our products come in fully recyclable aluminium, plastic or glass bottles.  We get many requests for the soft pouch refills which we decided we will not do as this packaging isn’t fully recyclable, ending up in landfill.  We have experimented with glass packaging and found that breakage was high and thus dangerous having glass shards in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom - hence the decision for our packaging to be in recyclable packaging.

We are soon rolling out post-consumer recycled plastic bottles which will reduce the amount of plastic in circulation.

Bulk packaging

Over the past two years we have released a few 5L bulk options to promote alternatives to single use bottles.  Bulk 5L option offers both savings in both plastic and transport waste (less travelling and shipping from customers needing to restock products).  Currently, our bulk sizes are available in our Floor Wash, Hand Wash, Dish Wash and Hand Spray - and the Body Wash is coming soon. 

We will be rolling out more of these.  Do feel free to ask us to create bulk options of your favourites.

Supporting WWF

Every year we donate to the global charity WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).  We choose WWF due to the wonderful work the organisation does in protecting animals and their habitats.  Deforestation in Australia in recent years has caused the loss of more species than in any other country in the world.  WWF work actively to protect and restore this natural habitat to ensure the devastation does not continue.  If you'd also like to support this worthy and well-run organisation, please click here

Increasing environmental awareness

We continuously share information and content to help our customers shift to a more natural lifestyle.  We try to increase awareness of environmental problems throughout our community by posting content in Instagram, Facebook and our journal articles.  Here are a few examples below:

We are always searching for better ways to care for the environment and are happy to hear feedback and suggestions.  If you would like to send us your feedback, please reach out to Erin via


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