When in Taipei we were training our wonderful retailers there on all aspects of the brand and the products. We were so thrilled with the sophistication and detail of their questions. Here are some of the things they asked – along with our answers – for anyone wanting to understand our brand and products a little deeper.

What preservatives does Bondi Wash use?

 This was their very first question and we love this one. Preservatives are often the worst ingredient in any product – necessary to keep nasty things from growing in your products, but can cause allergic short-term reactions or long term health or environmental consequences. Preservatives like phenoxyethanol and methylisothiazolinone (MI) are very commonly used and increasingly known for their side effects.

How is Bondi Wash different from other Australian natural brands?

  • Bondi Wash products contain between 99% and 100% natural ingredients – derived completely from plants.
  • Bondi Wash products all contain Australian botanicals which make them naturally effective. For example, our Bench Sprays meet the lab test standard ‘kills 99.99% of germs’ thanks to the anti-bacterial bush oils that Bondi Wash scents are designed around.
  • At Bondi Wash we have spent a lot of energy and time developing fragrances to infuse in our products. Adding pleasure to daily life through beautiful scents is a core part of our vision.
  • Bondi Wash product range is quite extensive. We hope to create products in many categories – all featuring Australian botanicals and using the finest natural ingredients.

Can you use the Dog range on cats?

 Taiwanese love their dogs – and their cats. Bondi Wash Dog Wash can definitely be used on cats, and the Kennel Spray can be used on their bedding. We would not recommend the Dry Dog Wash for use on cats, just because they lick themselves.

Your pumps and triggers give you less than other brands? How much do they give and how long do they last relatively?

What an excellent question. We measured on our industrial scales:


Bondi Wash Hand Spray (50ml)

Dispenses 0.12 ml so 50 ml will last 416 sprays.  We suggest 2-4 sprays per use which means it will last between 150 and 200 uses

Other brand Sanitiser Gel 50ml (standard gel style hand sanitiser)  

Dosage is 1/2 teaspoon or 2.5ml per use so the bottle lasts 20 uses



Bondi Wash Mist Spray (150ml)

Mist Spray dispenses 0.12 ml (150ml) will last 1,200 sprays

Other brand Mist Spray (150ml)

Mist Spray dispenses 0.25ml so will last 600 sprays



Bondi Wash Bench Spray 500ml

Dispenses 0.25ml per spray or 2,000 sprays

Other brand Surface Sprays 500ml

Dispenses 1ml per spray or 500 sprays



Bondi Wash Hand Wash or Body Wash 500ml

Dispenses 1ml so will last 500 uses

Other brand Hand Wash or Body Wash 500ml

Dispenses 2ml so will last 250 uses


Always feel free to send through your questions about our products – or let us know what new products you’d like us to create.