Why so expensive?

Why so expensive?

When people learn about Bondi Wash for the first time they often ask what makes our range different and why our products cost more. 

There are a few reasons. Firstly, each product in the range is highly concentrated in active ingredients including the essential oils, the natural surfactants and the botanical extracts like Wattleseed oil, and Flame tree extract. Thanks to the powerful combination of a high concentration of these active ingredients rich in natural properties our products are not just gentle but effective at the same time.

One major point of difference is the quality of the preservatives we use. Typically preservatives are the nastiest ingredient in a product necessary to keep it shelf-stable but they can often can be toxic or irritating to people. We use food grade and natural preservatives that cost a lot more – but are safer.

Another difference is the cost of truly natural ingredients. Synthetic fragrance is much cheaper than natural essential oils.  Synthetic surfactants like sulphates are much cheaper than the plant-derived ones we use.

We are also very careful to ensure all our ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced and avoid ingredients we know are not great for the environment like rosewood or palm oil.

Finally, we also spend a lot of time developing scents for our products that are not just active but beautifully fragrant and uplifting for use in daily life. Each signature scent is the result of complex research to find the best combination between Australian natives and essential oils from all over the world. The natives we use are not just standard eucalyptus or tea tree fragrances but more unusual native scents from which we create multiple layers of scent with the complexity of real perfumes. And the quality of the oils we source is very high - we are very particular about where our oils come from. That is why we have chosen for example the most beautiful lavender oil from Tasmania - after testing many options from around the world - at 10 times the cost of commercial French lavender. And we choose organic ingredients when possible (not all ingredients come organic).

Creating the right formula is not easy and it takes time but we don’t compromise on quality which does make the product more expensive. We do what we can though to design packaging which mean our products lasts longer. The trigger sprays on our bench sprays and glass spray give you a quarter the amount of other sprays – so they’ll last 4 times as long. And our pumps give you 1ml, not the standard 2ml – lasting twice as long. Our Mist sprays (150ml) will last 1,200 sprays and our Hand Spray lasts 200 uses or 10 times the standard 50ml gel hand sanitiser.

The old adage 'you get what you pay for' really does ring true for us when it comes to products for the home and body.  We are always happy to answer your questions about our products and ingredients - hello@bondiwash.com.au.