Coffee and community with Josh from Will & Co

Coffee and community with Josh from Will & Co

Our new Wattleseed Coffee Scrub was created in collaboration with our friends at Sydney-based specialty coffee roasters, Will & Co

Another Bondi-based brand, we met their team organically and knew quickly that we'd love to work together. We share a similar passion for high-quality, natural ingredients, supporting community and bringing simple joy to the everyday.  Their expertise complemented ours, particularly as we wanted to create a product to celebrate our Bondi roots for our 10th Birthday.

To celebrate the launch, we chatted with Josh Passaro - Head of Will & Co. A true coffee lover, Josh tells us about their thoughtful approach to coffee making, his passion for community and what he loves about living in Bondi.

For those who don’t know your story, can you share how Will & Co. came to be?

Will & Co started in 2013 when three lifelong mates set out to combine two of the best things Australia has to offer – its coastal lifestyle and thriving cafe culture.

We started serving coffee out of a secret’ish rooftop cafe above a surf shop on Hall Street in Bondi and supplying beans to a friend’s cafe. Fast forward eleven years and we’re now supplying cafes all across the country – it's been a wild ride

Can you tell us about your approach to coffee making?

Our approach to coffee is a mix of art and science, passion and play. We’re very lucky to have a passionate team of self-confessed coffee geeks who live and breathe coffee.

We believe great coffee starts at the source, so we only work with the best producers from the best coffee-growing regions. We go to all corners of the globe to source the best quality specialty beans. These are then shipped to our state-of-the-art roastery and carefully roasted to ensure we’re extracting the best flavour possible every time. We’re extremely particular, but we believe it's worth it.

 We’re thrilled to be working with a like-minded, authentic Bondi brand - what made you decide to partner with Bondi Wash?

We love collaborating with great businesses and brands – it's always been a passion of ours, so we were thrilled when the opportunity to collaborate with Bondi Wash came along. There are a lot of synergies between our two brands that go beyond our geographical location. We’ve always admired Bondi Wash and their ethos, so we’re extremely proud to partner with them on this collaboration.  

Community connection is an important part of the Will & Co. ethos. How does this manifest in your personal life and how you do business?

I believe that coffee and cafes are the heart of any community, whether that's Bondi or Broome. These two pillars - coffee and community - are the pillars of Will & Co’s ethos. I consider myself extremely lucky to work and live in a place which has such an incredible community. 

The reason why we do what we do is to be able to give back to the local community. It’s one of the best parts of the job really.

We're proud to support the Bondi and North Bondi Surf Clubs, along with an array of community organisations such as local swim and running groups. We’re also a sponsor of One Wave, a local charity supporting mental health through saltwater therapy and school programs.

Sustainability is at the heart of Will & Co’s supply chain - can you talk a little more about the conscious decisions you’ve made in terms of both sourcing and product?

Sustainability is a big part of who we are. It starts with ensuring producers are paid a fair price at the source by only buying specialty-grade coffee beans. We are always looking for ways to minimise our environmental impact at a local level - whether that’s through reducing our single-use plastics at our HQ (e.g. a mug library for anyone that needs a cup) or recycling coffee husks in community garden beds with the local sustainability group, Transition Bondi.

Besides coffee, do you have other daily/weekly non-negotiables that keep you feeling good?

Getting salty and exercise.

I do some kind of exercise each morning and try to get in the ocean at least 2-3 times a week - often surfing or swimming with local groups like the Bondi Salties or Penguins. It’s difficult to have a bad day when you’ve started it in the ocean.

What are some of the things that you love about living and working in Bondi?

I have a deep affection for the vibrant community of Bondi and the incredible folks who make it what it is. There's an undeniable atmosphere of creativity pulsating through its streets—a testament to the many remarkable brands and businesses that were born here.

Bondi is like a big melting pot of people from all walks of life. You've got artists, entrepreneurs, young families, and travellers—all mixing to create this fantastic cultural mishmash.

It also has such a great food & drink scene (not to mention amazing cafe culture).

Honestly, it doesn't get much better than this. Bondi just has this special something that makes it an absolute gem of a place to be.

Do you have any local Bondi secrets you are willing to share?

Da’Orazio is my favourite restaurant in Bondi. Orazio the chef is amazing, the food is incredible and there's always a great vibe.

For drinks, I love Makavelli. It’s an intimate venue and the guys make a mean margarita.

I love jumping off flat rock at Ben Buckler and swimming around to the boat ramp. It’s a great place for an afternoon swim and a sundowner.

Coffee Scrub


The Coffee Scrub ($38) is available to shop online or in-store at Bondi Wash now. It will also be available to purchase at Will & Co’s tasting bar in Bondi Beach from April 8, 2024.
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