My Story

In 2008, I started Bondi Wash after reacting to synthetic chemicals in household and body products. With small children in the home I started wondering what these ingredients were doing to our health and the environment.

Some years later, reading the novel while on holidays in Far North Queensland, and surrounded by unusual native flora, I wondered whether here in Australia we could create beautiful fragrances and products from native botanicals, just like the French have been doing for centuries. I started researching the fragrance and properties of Australian native flora and was inspired by the potential of these little-known botanicals.

Starting on the kitchen bench in 2012 I developed a Bench Spray, Hand Wash and Floor Wash – while simultaneously developing a range of all-natural scents, each based around a beautiful Australian native.

Bondi Wash launched in November 2013 with 3 products and 3 scents. The range was developed drawing on expertise from chemists and using the latest technology in natural ingredients. We now have over 40 different products and 11 natural scents.

The range combines the power and fragrance of unique Australian botanicals with a luxurious mix of other essential oils and natural ingredients that are at least 99% derived from nature, often 100%. The range harnesses the naturally anti-bacterial properties of Australian botanicals to effectively kill germs on the body, in the air and on surfaces. Many of the products are independently lab tested to confirm they 'kill 99.99% of germs' including the flu virus.

Our Philosophy

Effective naturally

If we can’t create a product that’s effective and natural we won’t release it. If we can’t create a product that’s effective and natural we won’t release it. All our products are 99-100% derived from nature. The only non plant-derived ingredients we use are food grade preservatives in some products which ensure the products are shelf-stable.

Beautifully fragrant

Bondi Wash fragrances have been designed like a perfume, starting with a beautiful Australian native botanical. Other scents from Australia and around the world are then combined to include top notes, middle notes and base notes. All scents are completely plant-derived. We never use synthetic fragrance.

Bondi Wash products use Australian native oils with interesting fragrances which combined with other oils creates beautiful and uplifting scents that make washing a delight. These botanicals have amazing properties and have all been independently tested for their anti-bacterial properties.

Active native ingredients

The Bondi Wash scents are more than just fragrant. Each is designed around an anti-bacterial Australian essential oil. The range harnesses the anti-bacterial and other properties like insect-repelling of these powerful native plants. Many of the range have been independent lab tested to confirm they ‘kill 99.99% of germs’.

Our products also contain ACTIVE Australian ingredients, like wattleseed oil, lilly pilly extract and banksia seed oil. These active ingredients are all 100% plant-derived and bring unique and powerful properties which have only recently been researched and discovered.

Integrity in design

Bondi Wash products have been designed with integrity. Our trigger sprays and soap pumps only give you what you need – less than other brands. BONDI WASH products not only work well naturally, they should also last longer.

Dermatologically tested

All products are tested on people with sensitive skin prior to launching.

Our range

The product range for the HOME includes a Bench Spray, Glass Spray, Mist Spray, Essential Oils and Floor Wash. Our Bench Sprays are independent lab-tested to confirm they meet the standard ‘kills 99.99% of germs’ and our Mist Spray and Yoga Mat Sprays also meet the standard ‘kills 99.9% of germs’.

Products for the BODY include a Hand Wash, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Lotion, Deodorant, Night Balm, Lip Balm and an anti-bacterial Hand Spray.

A BABY range has been developed designed carefully with oils that nurture and soothe a baby’s sensitive skin.

A DOG range has been designed specifically for a dog’s sensitive skin and system - a Dog Wash, Dog Conditioner, Dry Dog Wash and a Kennel Spray in Paperbark & Lemongrass scent.

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