Our Founder Belinda Everingham recently spent a whirlwind few days in Shanghai – her first time there. It is a fascinating place – a city on a par with New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo – with its own unique twist.

Here are just a few of the things she discovered….

1. There really is no facebook, instagram, google, you tube or other forms of social media we know. Instead they have weibo (similar to facebook) and wechat (similar to twitter but also used for voice messages).

  • 2. Cats and dogs are much loved. There is a one-dog policy and dogs must be registered annually (it’s expensive) and microchipped. Dogs found unregistered may be destroyed. It has been China’s way of trying to reduce the number of stray dogs roaming the city.

    3. There are many parks in Shanghai – and they are really beautiful (magnolias, flowers, ponds, perfect grass) – but almost empty of people – we are not sure exactly why – perhaps because dogs are not allowed in the public parks.

    4. People work very hard and very long hours. Annual leave is by no means standard – and if it is offered it might only be 8 days a year. The holiday highlight of the year is ‘Golden week’ during which everyone holidays for a week early in October.

    5. Motorbikes are everywhere but they are silent – they are all electric – even the really old ones.

Here are a few images from her trip – including one of Belinda with the multi-talented natural products entrepreneur and Hollywood movie star Jessica Alba, who was in town at the same time – plus of course a selection of well-groomed hounds spotted on the streets of Shanghai.