With the new focus on keeping hands and surfaces as clean as possible in the interests of public safety, we thought we'd take the time to write about our Hand Spray. 

We developed the Hand Spray as we knew that the Australian native oils used in our range are themselves highly anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.  Tasmanian pepper in particular is incredibly potent.  Just one part per 1,000 is enough to kill a wide variety of bacteria and mould including ecoli, staphylococcus and salmonella and mould ('Antimicrobial activity of Tasmanian pepper leaf and berry extracts' Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, August 2012).

The vast majority of hand sanitisers rely on a high alcohol content to achieve their effectiveness.  This creates both a dangerously flammable product and one that is very drying on the skin.  Often they also contain synthetic chemicals (e.g. behentrimonium chloride), especially the hospital grade varieties, which are both damaging to our health and to the environment.

We thought that it might be possible to create an all-natural one with less alcohol that still meets all the relevant lab test standards.  And we succeeded!  It took quite a few years and involved many independent lab tests (each test costing over $1,000, or over $4,000 in the case of influenza and coronavirus).  Part of the challenge was to balance getting a formulation that was not too sticky, not flammable, nourishing for the hands, not too high in alcohol and also shelf-stable.

The resulting formulation in spray form can also be used as a disinfectant on surfaces, such as steering wheels, supermarket trolleys, furniture, credit cards, shoes and mobile phones.  It can also be sprayed on takeaway coffee cup lids prior to use.

Suitable for use in pregnant women and children over 2 years.

It is now available in a variety of sizes - 50ml, 150ml, 500ml and 1L.