We know there are people who still use soap (including us) – not everybody has made the switch to a body wash.  So we set out to make a Soap Bar using the same principles as all our products – natural, fragrant and featuring Australian botanicals.  We realise we are completely biased but we are extremely happy with the result.  It is – in our minds at least –  a soap like no other.

We’ll describe it’s features in a minute, but want to explain how the soap itself evolved into the final product.

We enlisted the help of a master soap maker – a man who has made soap for over 20 years – and makes soap for many other companies, large and small.  Our brief was to design a soap with the highest quality ingredients possible.  He told us that most companies come to him with a price point they want to hit – and the design then revolves around finding cheap ingredients to meet the price.  Our approach was refreshingly different – and he was as excited as we were to develop a really beautiful natural soap.  It is no wonder many people have switched away from soap – as many of the ingredients used in commercial soaps are not gentle on the skin – and can be drying.

We then spent many hours – and developed many samples to perfect the soap.  At every stage we asked about the source of the ingredients – and eventually settled on a palm-oil free soap base.  We were not aware of the devastation palm oil production is causing – now we are.  We also found out that even ‘sustainable’ palm oil is at least 50% derived  from non-sustainable sources.  So the palm-oil free base was the only alternative.  Significantly more expensive – and harder to source – but the right decision for the environment.

We then asked if we could include Australian wattleseed oil in the milling process – an oil we knew had amazing skin nourishing properties. The answer was yes – so we developed more samples – and loved the result.

We had to select a size and shape for the Bar – we choose large (200g) as it will last longer (less packaging and transport waste) and rectangular – modern and sophisticated.

The other element we had to get right was the fragrance.  We needed to check our Australian oil blends would translate into a Soap Bar.  So more sampling was done – and we gathered feedback from friends and family on the scents within mini size Soap Bars.  And not surprisingly everyone had a different favourite – so we knew we had to produce soaps in all 3 of our scents to satisfy different tastes.  With our vision of bringing a little pleasure to daily life through scent, we made sure the fragrance level was strong enough for people to really enjoy.

Despite all the different samples, you never really know how it will turn out.  So we were excited to try the final result.

So, here are out honest thoughts on the end product

1.  It really is a soap like no other
2.  The fragrance is a joy – and wafts throughout the bathroom even when not in use
3.  The texture is really creamy – almost silky
4.  It may not lather as much as other soaps – but that is a function of the natural ingredients (same goes for our other products – lather comes from synthetics usually)
5.  It is non-irritating (we have sensitive skin)
6.  It is so gentle and soothing, we are using it on our faces (avoiding the eye area) as well as all over our bodies.
7. The bar is large – so can be a little hard to hold for small hands when first used – but only take a day or two to feel comfortable in the hands.

We always love hearing your thoughts on our products.  Feel free to email us