As a proudly Australian made and owned brand, we often look to local taste-makers for their unique perspective on matters of style. Our favourite influencers explore everything from lifestyle, fashion and culture to travel and interiors, while also delivering their own interpretations of the fresh, effortless aesthetic that is the hallmark of modern Australian style.

  • Mr Jason Grant

    Jason is a Sydney-based Interior and Props Stylist, Author and Lifestyle Blogger whose reputation is built on his refreshingly relaxed approach to styling. His casual, unfussy style inspires people to be confident in their own taste and decorate with what they love. His blog is full of inspiration drawn from his laid-back, coastal lifestyle.

    Jason behind the scenes at a Bondi Wash photoshoot.
  • The Overdressed Voguette

    A luxury fashion, style & beauty destination founded by Jessica-Rosario Campbell, The Overdressed Voguette celebrates clean, minimalist style in all its forms. Jessica has developed her own distinctive look, doing justice to the idea that black and white needn’t be boring (a subject close to our own hearts, given our branding!).

    The Overdressed Voguette’s 2015 Beauty “Must-Haves”, including Bondi Wash Mist Spray and Soap Bar.
  • The Bonafide Bedfellows

    The Bonafide Bedfellows seek out the new, the quirky and the fascinating in the creative industries. Editor Ali Fleming is a talented writer, avid reader and astute observer of cultural trends, so it is no surprise that she has managed to position The Bonafide Bedfellows as a leading light in the online media space.

    The Bonafide Bedfellows at the launch party for Bondi Wash.
  • Life, Styled by Catherine Grace

    Founder of Life, Styled, Catherine Wilson, possesses both style and substance in equal measure. A former corporate lawyer turned multi-skilled creative, Catherine can tackle the complex issue of copyright law for creatives and style a brand campaign with equal aplomb.

    Stylish flatlay by Catherine Grace, featuring Bondi Wash.
  • The Love Assembly

    Aubrey Daquinag is the creative mind behind The Love Assembly, where she shares her tips for traveling well, along with her culinary experiences and global shopping finds. The video travel diaries are a highlight, featuring gorgeous destinations and charming, authentic commentary from Aubrey herself. It should come as no surprise that her guide to Bondi is a favourite of ours!

    Stylish flatlay by Catherine Grace, featuring Bondi Wash.