Meet the Bondi Wash team

Meet the Bondi Wash team

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we introduce the talented, skilled and diverse women from all around the world working behind Bondi Wash, with a short bio and fun fact from the team. 


Belinda – Founder and CEO
With a love for natural products and a nose for scent, Belinda founded Bondi Wash in 2013 after reacting to chemicals in home and body products.  Belinda still runs Bondi Wash and plays a key role in developing products, design and marketing.  While she lives in Bondi now Belinda’s family is from Melbourne where they were early settlers on what is now Flemington racetrack (descended from Robert Fleming).  She has three children and two dogs – the children get along well but the dogs don’t (Roger is 14, Billie is bouncy puppy). Fun fact: Belinda’s favourite scent is lemon-scented gum after rain. 

Ellie – Digital Marketing Specialist
Ellie grew up in Hobart, Tasmania however has been living in Sydney for six years, joining the Bondi Wash team as the Digital Marketing Specialist last year.  She has studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Journalism and Marketing, a Diploma of Communication Design and a Certificate of Digital Marketing, making her role at Bondi Wash very diverse.  Fun fact: Her favourite way to start the day is to watch the sunrise at Bronte, go for a swim and get a coffee, all before 7:30am!

Enrica – Retail and Customer Service Manager
Enrica moved to Sydney from Verona, Italy in 2013.  She joined the Bondi Wash team in 2016 starting in the shop and fell in love with the beautiful Australian botanicals and fragrances.  Now an established member of the Sydney team, she is multitasking around the shops and the office.  She loves travelling (when possible), visiting different places and discovering new boutiques and restaurants accompanied by her personal chef and partner Enrico.  Fun fact: Enrica is very picky with food but she has a soft spot for chips and French fries. 

Erin – Partnerships and Customer Care
A few days after moving to Sydney, Erin discovered Bondi Wash by chance as she was exploring Paddington.  She loved the story of the brand and applied for a retail job. Flash forward three years, Erin is now working on our digital marketing and collaborations.  Having worked face-to-face with our customers in our Bondi store, she also helps manage our online customer service.  Fun Fact: Erin was born and raised in Toronto, Canada but is half Australian, with a large extended family based in Byron Bay.

Ineke – Chief Operating Officer
Now based in Sydney, Ineke spent most of her life living overseas which included 20 years working and living in China.  That long stint abroad led to a greater appreciation of the natural beauty and diversity of the Australian bush and landscapes.  This appreciation and interest in environmental sustainability is a natural fit with Bondi Wash where she works as the Chief Operating Officer managing the manufacturing, logistics and e-commerce fulfilment.  Fun fact: Ineke is a chocoholic and discovered the best place for hiding chocolate from her teenage sons is in the vegetable drawer in the fridge!

Jane – Media and Design
Based in Adelaide, Jane has a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication and comes from a background in brand strategy and magazine design.  She works on a variety of Bondi Wash press and design-focused projects including journal articles, press releases and promotional pieces.  With a love of writing, typography, photography and all facets of design, she finds inspiration from many aspects of life including nature, art, travel and interiors.  Fun fact: Jane collects Victorian-era transferware which is stored in the boot of her car because she has nowhere in her apartment to fit it!

Jules – Head Designer 
Jules is a multidisciplinary designer based in Sydney, Australia.  She has over 13 years of design experience and has been the head designer for Bondi Wash since its inception.  She is proud to continue to advocate for all things design, creativity and branding across many different touch points for Bondi Wash, from packaging, in-store graphics, marketing material, photography and large-scale billboard advertising.  Fun Fact: When Jules isn’t behind a desk designing, she has a passion for exploring Australia, photography and being a mum of two gorgeous girls & dog Gary. 

Rahel – Retail Assistant
Rahel is born and bred in Sydney, Australia.  She has always been creative and has since studied graphic design.  Rahel started at Bondi Wash when the Paddington store opened three years ago.  She loves working in retail, especially in the beautiful Bondi Wash stores helping customers and listening to their needs.  Fun fact: Rahel drinks a glass of hot water with lemon juice first thing every morning.


Anastasia - Marketing Intern Europe
Anastasia’s heritage is Russian and Belgian and she is fluent in Russian, French, Italian and English.  She is currently studying fashion business and has undertaken an internship with Bondi Wash Europe helping with everything related to content creation, photoshoots and editing.  She has just been admitted at the prestigious University of Edinburgh where she will attend an MSc in Marketing - our team will be waiting with open arms when she comes back.  Fun fact: Anastasia much prefers walking over public transportation, even if it’s an hour’s walk in the rain!

Marija - Brand Assistant Europe
Marija comes from Serbia and she is in charge of marketing for Bondi Wash Europe. She studied Business and Economics in Bologna and has a Masters degree in Management from Cattolica University in Milan.  As well as her many work skills, Marija has a creative flair and a real passion for fashion, this is what makes her job at Bondi Wash so special and unique.  Fun fact: Besides being a shopaholic, Marija loves chocolate more than anything and she always carries a bar with her when in the office!

Sara - European Regional Manager Europe
Despite being based in the heart of Milan, Sara is the only Italian in the team. She is the European Regional Manager for Bondi Wash but actually started as the store manager in the Bondi Wash flagship store back in 2016.  With a real passion for food and good wine, it’s no surprise one of her favourite hobbies is to discover and visit small wineries around Italy.  Fun fact: She kickstarts the day with a short black coffee and almond syrup. 

Wendy - Marketing Assistant Europe
Wendy comes from Hangzhou, the city of the famous Alibaba. She has been living in Milan for three years now where she studied global marketing management.  Wendy works as a Marketing Assistant, managing social media such as RED and WeChat.  Her role is key to make sure our communication has the right global and inclusive approach.  Fun fact: Despite being in Italy for 3 years, Wendy only just learnt what ravioli is during her first Bondi Wash team lunch.


Momo – Brand Director, Bondi Wash Japan
After graduating from university, Momo worked for J-Powers’ Overseas Business Development for over ten years before becoming a floral designer for a few years.  Based in Japan, she manages the brand, helping to promote Bondi Wash to that part of the world.  Fun fact: Momo is a foodie, she loves to cook or seek out a great restaurant. Good food and good wine makes her very happy.

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