With COVID-19 dominating headlines, and everyone now acutely aware of the need for hand sanitation, we wanted to explain how our Hand Spray came to be and which laboratory tests have been undertaken.

The Hand Spray was specifically designed to meet the independent laboratory test standard 'kills 99.99% of germs'.  This label claim standard in Australia requires testing the product on both e-coli and staphylococcus. We knew the Australian native oils in our products were anti-bacterial, so believed we could create a sanitiser that harnessed these properties - one that was more gentle on hands and less sticky than existing formulations. It took a few years of development and multiple independent laboratory tests to achieve the 100% natural, low alcohol formulation that we launched in 2015 and is now our Hand Spray.

More recently, at the request of our international teams, we have undertaken other tests on influenza and coronavirus.  The tests undertaken in independent labs used influenza A (or H1/N1 'swine flu') and a coronavirus surrogate called MHV - and the results also achieved a kill rate of 99.99% or higher.

Kills 99.99% means that if you start with 10,000 molecules of a virus or bacteria, only 1 or less remain after treatment with the product. 

These tests have also been replicated in other markets as legally they are required to make the relevant claims. If you have further questions relating to the properties of the Hand Spray or other products in our range, do feel free to get in touch.