How yoga changed my life: Martina Rando


Martina Galati Rando is a Milan based yoga teacher and with a strong social media following (MartinaRando). Relatively new to yoga, Martina first tried it in 2015 to try and move away from a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle. Now a fully qualified teacher, Martina’s story is inspirational and her website is a place to find ideas and tips for a healthier lifestyle. We asked Martina a few questions about how yoga has changed her life.

Practicing yoga has brought a real twist in your life, in what way the discipline changed your life?

Yes yoga totally changed my life and the way I see life in general. Yoga put me in a different perspective. I’m calm, I’m more patient and I work for what I want. I’m happy, mainly because yoga has taught me how to enjoy what I have in the present and to love deeply what I was given: the people and the experiences that I’m lucky to have in my life, without always thinking about what I could have. I used to be always mad about something, now I’m not afraid to show my feelings, and live life more fully.

What are the most important benefits you experienced changing your habits?

First of all my state of mind. Second my health. I used to have different little but annoying health issues, for example a chronic gastritis and with yoga and a healthy and balanced lifestyle it has completely gone. I have more energy and I’m always happy to do things. I’ve found myself in a more creative space, with capabilities I never thought I had.

Yoga made me strong and made me believe in myself and my abilities. It helped me to always work on being the best version of myself.

We hear the term natural used loosely these days and there are many choices behind it. Can you share with us some of the main ways you choose to ‘live a natural life’?

I try to be true to myself, to my beliefs and to live according to my values. At the same time I try to make choices that are good not only for me but for the world we live in as well, in my tiny ability (every little effort counts).

 Becoming an influencer looks like a great responsibility, your followers trust your advices and tips: how do you feel about it?

Originally I’d never seen it this way and when I first realised that I was a bit scared. I’m myself always no matter what which is good I guess, but at the same time it is a great responsibility. It still scares me but I try my best to be a “good” influence!

Do you have any beauty rituals or secrets you can share?

I have a pretty simple beauty routine! I clean my face completely before bed, and I like to use natural soap (lavender scent is my favourite) and I use only argan oil for my hair. Lip balm and hands cream are my obsession, and I look for products containing no chemicals.

Can you share with us your strongest scent-based memories (e.g. your grandmother’s jasmine, your first perfume)?

The smell of the clean bed sheets at my grandmas’ place. I can’t really guess what was the scent was but it makes me feel home when I think about it.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given, or a saying that you like to live by?

Stay humble and true to yourself! This is what I’ve been taught and what I’ve learned works for me to be happy and to feel good.

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