People are loving Bondi Wash for lots of reasons – the scents, the natural ingredients and their effectiveness  Here are some of the unprompted comments we have received…


  • I am a bloke and I don’t think much about cleaning.  But because Bondi Wash is natural and smells good, I love using it with kids and food everywhere.  I have NEVER felt good and a washing product EVER.  But now I do.  Nick, Manly, NSW


  • Just wanted to pass on a funny anecdote from Scarlett about Belinda’s new product range. As I am spraying the bench, she says, “Mummy, that’s a nice smell, what’s that? It’s really nice.” How’s that for product endorsement from a four-year-old. All unprompted and spontaneous, too. I laughed (can see the commercial!). Anyway, just wanted to let her know as sure that was the desired result… Emma, Sydney, NSW


  • Just tried out the bench spray and Rex (age 8) walked into the kitchen and asked what that yummy smell was!!  He thought I was eating something delicious and wasn’t sharing.  Steph, Avalon, NSW


  • We love Bondi Wash. They work so well. I was drawing and the ink went through the paper onto the table. We tried other sprays which didn’t work. Bondi Wash worked and nobody got into trouble.  Sam (age 10), North Bondi, NSW


  • I have run out of Bondi Wash hand wash and had to go back to X (a seemingly natural) brand. It smells so ‘chemically’ in comparison. Jan, Canberra, ACT


  • Bondi Wash @ Cammeray update.  Max’s (age 7) chosen activity on this rainy Sunday at home was to mop the floor with Bondi Wash!  That entertained him for a full hour. Jenni, Cammeray, NSW


  • Just had to say I love your bench spray (have almost used half of it). The smell is divine, and as cheesy as it sounds, it is aromatherapy while I clean.  Sophie, Bronte, NSW


  • I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how beautiful I think Bondi Wash is.  I just bought some yesterday in Bondi  (I had been eying it as I drive down Bondi Road).  I love it.  I think the packaging is great, the name is terrific and most important the product is lovely. Patti, Woollahra, NSW


  • Sienna (age 11) loves your bench spray. Every evening she cleans the benches and table.  I have to stop her from using too much. A little bit goes a long way.  Angela, Canberra, ACT


  • The kids take it in turns to clean the table after dinner.  Now they fight over whose turn it is because they want to use Bondi Wash  Vanessa, Bondi, NSW


  • My mother bought a commercial cleaning spray and used it on the dinner table. I smelt it and said ‘ what are you doing?’  It smelt awful and left a sticky residue. Once you have used Bondi Wash you can’t go back to other sprays.  Mary, Brighton, Victoria


  • My friend Harry sprayed some Bondi Wash bench spray. He said it smelt so nice it could be used as a perfume. John, Dromana, Victoria


  • I love Bondi Wash bench spray. Every week I do a really good clean of the whole house with it.  It is very concentrated. You don’t need to use much. Philip, Bronte, NSW


  • I have been using Bondi Wash bench spray to clean the inside of my car.  It makes it smell so nice. Libby Jane, Forestville, NSW


  • My daughter Andrea wasn’t feeling well.  She went to her bedroom and cleaned the room with Bondi Wash (Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender) and she felt much better.  Diane, Bondi, NSW


  • By the way Belinda i am totally addicted to your Bondi Wash.  It’s such a good product and I love the fragrance.  Margaret, Woollahra, NSW


  • I gave my Mum some Bondi Wash bench spray and hand wash for Christmas. The mood in the house noticeably lifted as a result. The fragrance for some reason put us all in a better mood.  Simon, Tamarama, NSW


  • Thank you so much for sending us some samples of the Bondi Wash Products. The girls in our office are obsessing over the bench spray, it makes all of our desks smell so delicious and every time someone comes in to our office they comment on how good it smells!.  Lucy, Elwood, VIC
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About the fragrances

About the fragrances

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