Australian Dreamscapes by Claire Takacs

Australian Dreamscapes by Claire Takacs

Eagles Bluff garden by Carolyn Robinson in Tenterfield, NSW. Image source: Claire Takacs 

Gardening enriches the soul.  As we nurture a plant from seedling to maturity, we tend to its needs and its environment, focusing on something other than our own problems or worries.  It reminds us that we are part of a bigger picture, a small part in the cycle of life.  Through plants we connect with the changing seasons and the celebration of natural beauty. 

Cottage with Garden

The home garden of Perry Lane in Kooroocheang, Victoria. Image source: Claire Takacs 

Australian Dreamscapes – The art of planting in gardens inspired by nature by Claire Takacs features the spaces of 15 Australian gardeners, ex­ploring their individual approach to gardening as art.  Each embraces an increasingly popular and more relaxed style of gardening where plants are encouraged to grow as they would in the wild, an approach referred to as the 'New Perennial Movement'.


Sarah Budarick's Boats End garden in Currency Creek, South Australia. Image source: Claire Takacs 

Claire’s engaging photographs capture every detail while each gardener shares their own philosophies, techniques and results as they discuss their gardens, as wild and unfettered as they are beautiful and considered.  Although each garden featured is as unique as its designer, all are united in the harmony, joy and pride they exude.  An inspiring resource for any gardener.

Sally Johannsohn's garden located just out of Hobart, Tasmania. Image source: Claire Takacs

Australian Dreamscapes – The art of planting in gardens inspired by nature (RRP $70 AUD) is published by Hardie Grant and available here

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