Thoughtful Christmas Gifting

Thoughtful Christmas Gifting

We have pulled together our tips for Christmas gifting that will be good for people and the planet.  Read on for advice on what to avoid and what to give that mean your choices are good or both you and the environment.


Avoid these ingredients:  sulphates, synthetic fragrance, phthalates (in candles), petroleum-based products, harsh preservatives (phenoxyethanol, parabens, methylisothiazolinone).

So avoid: candles (unless they are beeswax), perfumes (unless they are all natural), coloured body or home products (synthetic colours), reed diffusers (natural scents do not throw so they will always be synthetic).


Healthy gift ideas:  Reusable coffee cups (we like Frank Green or Pottery for the Planet), metal strawsessential oils and a diffuser (we like electric for their effectiveness and safety, muji and in-essence have good options), gift voucher for a sustainable fashion label (we love Good Day Girl),  DNA kits make a fun gift or even just potted plants are a great gift.


Natural shopping destinations:  all these sites have done the hard work for you and only offer products without the nasties.

Nourished Life - a huge range with affordable options

Natural Supply Company - some lovely local brands and products

The Lab Organics - the original and best range of luxury natural products

Samuel Gravan - our favourite local natural perfumer.   

wyalba - A new range of all-natural perfumes designed to capture the wild natural beauty of Australia with small sample sizes available